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to you. our coverage continues now with neil cavuto. >>neil: just say sandy is not over. you are looking live at lake erie in cleveland where the waves are battering against a major highway. it will get worse. for that area, tone, -- tonight, a lot worse. blizzard conditions to the west, massive flooding to the east. for millions caught in the middle, well, a mess getting more messy. 38 deaths now blamed on hurricane sandy which turned into a super storm. more than eight million people are without power through much of the east coast. that number could climb. new york city's entire subway system is knocked out. it could stay that way for up for five days. across new jersey, the governor christie says four shore times are devastated. >> houses are moved off of the foundation, houses are in the middle of route 35. the amusement pier at seaside park half washed out. the roller coaster is now in the ocean. the level of devastation is unthinkable. >>neil: unthinkable and for now irreparable and it is not over yet. rick? rick: the damage to point pleasant beach are stunning and sad. this town
sandy hours away from hitting land and it will hit the middle of new jersey, around atlantic city at a time when this storm has already been causing havoc among the most populated regions of the country, stepping back from this, this is an area that affected one out of five living americans and if you citizen the reach beyond those directly impacted to those who could be in the days and weeks appear you are talking about one in four members. so, a cobs station with a population that obviously doesn't need any further explanation. we should also let you know they are shutting this island of manhattan down. already the brooklyn battery and holland tunnel and to and from the lower part of manhattan are shut down and the north most bridge on the island is shut down. but the mayor has made it clear if the wins pick up he would shut down virtually all remaining arteries connecting this city to the rest of the world. so, america's premiere city would be blocked down not seen since 9/11. and the crane has been getting a good deal of attention and this is outside a building known as 157, a
wrapping up the first trading day since sandy landed. but after the first to day weather-related shut down since 1888, will wall street ever be the same again? well, it is done. i guess. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. fox on top of a monster storm that could not keep the we stock market plumb dflummoxed. so there was a sense of normalcy, but stocks started out strongly today with general motors posting earnings that beat the street although they were just terrible, its still bet the forecast and the company is laying off 2,300 folks over the course of the next year or so. most of those coming in europe and stocks soar on the news that you lay off people it is good for the stock, that was the wisdom today, a big dow component and home depot gaining and it could demand as folks beginning repairs after sandy and insurance stocks were mixed understandably as the costs pile up will the dow finished as it began, it is almost as if we did not pray today off 10 1/2 points but it was not smooth sailing. to get there it was tough. lauren, how did it go? >> well, it was a stage day. you know wh
flaring as super storm sandy, still a storm, with people in new jersey lining up if hours to fill up their cars and many are looking for a gallon or two to keep generators going as they deal with the ongoing massive power outages. >> last night i was in a place i waited 45 minutes and i was 50' from it and they ran out. you not guaranteed if you wait in line. the gas stations that have gas there are longer waits and i tried to turnpike but i thought there would be less, but there are more. >>neil: in the midst of this reports of gouging with some charging more than $5 a blond and now that is common, police stationed outside the gas stations and the political fall intermediate from all of this in a moment and the financial fallout first and foremost. >>jonathan: a tough situation just to get gas so they can commute to and from work. we are here on the west side of manhattan where people have been lining up all day for hours just to get gas here. this is one of the few in new york city where you can get gas and as we go out to what is 10th avenue look down here, ten blocks or more righ
, everyone was sounding dandy about how they handled sandy? >> good news is the help is coming. >> a good plan. >> excellence. >> well executed. >> i thank you. >> a lot of criticism of fema back in katrina. today we hear nothing but good about fema. >> i thank craig would lives and breathes this stuff. >>neil: not so fast because all in rescueville is not so great. a lot of the folks they represent would like to kick them in the ass. this is the reality. welcome, everyone, not so happy friday. mr. president, you may want to wait on the "heck of a job" thing because rescue efforts have become heck of a joke for folks in the northeast fuming. because the help isn't coming. in gas. no power. no food. they have had it. >> restaurants and boats and homes are looted. >> the coast guard has not been here to help. >> come here and walk into the streets here. the water is this high. you have to wear the waders. >>neil: that is just on staten island. homes are swamps. motorists are stuck if -- in gas lines, four hours or more if you can find a place to fill in. two-thirds of gas stations even now
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)